The Different Types of Braces

Do you hesitate to smile? Perhaps you’re concerned about the way your teeth look. Hemphill Orthodontics wants you to know that you’re worth a beautiful smile. Not only does Dr. Hemphill believe you’re worth it, he’s also willing to help everyone in the Celina area (including you) get it. One of the most consistent ways to enhance your smile is with braces. Knowing the different types of braces can help you decide which option is right for you. 

Now before you click that “back” button, hear us out. Thanks to movies and TV, you might have been given the wrong impression about braces, but we’re here to change how you think about them. More than that, we want you to know that orthodontics can change your life. 

Metal Braces: The Classic Approach 

Tried and true, metal braces have been in use for generations. When most people hear the word braces, they likely imagine bulky metal brackets and wires. Dr. Hemphill thinks it’s time for patients to rethink metal braces. 

Stainless steel and nickel are two kinds of metals that comprise the braces. These brackets have small “slots” in them, and when Dr. Hemphill threads the wire through the brackets, he is using a tailored wire to shape your mouth and teeth. Depending on your treatment plan, Dr. Hemphill may also use elastic bands. Think of these bands like additional support for your teeth. 

Concerned about comfort? We understand. Rest assured, today’s metal braces are much smaller, more flexible, and more comfortable than those of the past. 

Clearing Up Misconceptions with Clear Braces

“Wow! You got braces!” Dr. Hempill understands that many patients don’t want attention called to themselves, so if you decide against metal braces, he may suggest clear braces as an alternative. Just like the name suggests, these braces are transparent. That way, you can give yourself a discreet solution. 

You might also hear clear braces described as “ceramic,” “tooth-colored,” or “aesthetic.” By design, they pair well with your natural smile. With clear braces, you can smile wide, and no one will be the wiser. 

You might opt for colored ligature ties to give your braces some personality. These colored ties add a genuine sparkle to your smile when contrasted with the clear braces. Colored bands are a great way to make braces fun during your treatment. 

Worried about your clear braces when eating? There’s no need. Hemphill Orthodontics’ clear braces are made to take a beating. You can eat and drink as you usually would. Feel free to go about your daily activities while relying on the quality of your braces. 

Bring Your Teeth Into Invisalignment 

Perhaps the most convenient way to straighten your smile is with Invisalign. One standout feature of Invisalign is that it functions much like a retainer rather than braces. When you wear braces, you can’t take them off to eat or brush your teeth. But since Invisalign is a removable retainer, you have the additional perk of being able to take it out when you have a meal or get ready to brush and floss. These activities might not be as easy with more traditional braces. 

But how does Invisalign work exactly? 

First, Dr. Hemphill will X-ray your teeth. The X-rays will show the unique contours of your mouth, jaw, and teeth. 3-D images will then give him the blueprint from which to design your special Invisalign retainers. That’s right! Your retainers will fit you and only you! 

As a general principle, most patients wear Invisalign for about 9 – 15 months. During that time, you may go through 18 – 30 Invisalign retainers. Dr. Hemphill will work with you to determine your particular treatment and time frame. 

The Different Types of Braces

Can Anyone Wear Any Kind of Braces? 

When you hear the word “braces,” what do you think of? If it wasn’t something positive, Hemphill Orthodontics wants to change how you feel about braces. One way we will do that is by dispelling some stereotypes about braces. 

Above, we mentioned a few options for braces: 

  • Metal braces
  • Clear braces 
  • Invisalign 

The doctor will assess your needs and fit you with the best braces for you. No matter how old (or young!) you are, braces can help you have the smile you were destined for. You read that right! Whether you’re 4 or 84, it’s never too late to enhance your smile. 

Orthodontics Aren’t Child’s Play

You don’t need teeth to smile. Ever seen a baby’s gummy smile? Then, you know! You don’t have to have teeth to have a smile. But, if you’re old enough to have teeth, you’re old enough to wear braces. The American Association of Orthodontists suggests that you get your little one’s teeth examined by age 7. At that time, your child’s mouth will have developed enough for Dr. Hemphill to detect anything that is developing abnormally. Early detection is the best means of prevention. 

Teens and Tweens Too 

Middle and high school can be tricky. Dr. Hemphill knows that young people want to look their best. Clear braces are definitely an option for teens and tweens. Furthermore, Invisalign has a specific line of clear retainers for teens. Thanks to Invisalign Teen, your aligner needn’t keep you from your extracurricular activities and after school commitments. 

Brace Yourself…Even Adults Can Have Them

Worried that you waited too long for braces? Well, you’re in luck. Your smile is never a lost cause. There’s no time like the present to claim the smile you deserve. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, over 1.5 million orthodontic patients are adults. Metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign can all help adults. 

The Different Types of Braces

The Answer? Braces by Dr. Hemphill

Now you know about the different varieties of braces offered by Hemphill Orthodontics. You also understand that we can tailor braces to any set of teeth. We’re proud to serve the community of Celina and surrounding areas. 
If you still have questions about how braces can help you, go here to schedule a free consult. Are you a patient reading this for someone else? Refer a friend here.