5 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

At Hemphill Orthodontics, we strive to help every patient achieve their smile goals and give them the life-changing opportunity of straightening their teeth. There are plenty of reasons to realign your teeth besides appearance. If you are curious about braces or are seeking similar treatment, you have landed on the perfect blog. Keep reading to learn the five health benefits of straight teeth!

1. Enjoy a Restful Night’s Sleep

Unaligned teeth, especially if you suffer from bite issues, cause your mouth to stay slightly ajar throughout the night. When you are unable to close your mouth completely, your body naturally breathes through this airway during sleep. This can cause a dry mouth and sore throat, thus creating an environment perfect for harmful bacteria growth. 

However, when your mouth stays closed for this extended period of time, your body will breathe in and out through your nose naturally. The tiny hairs inside your nose purify the air by filtering out allergens and dust, preventing infections. Enjoy this healthier alternative by pursuing treatment options!

2. Your Body Can Digest Food Easier

Chew Food Completely

When your teeth cannot chew your food correctly into small, bite-sized pieces, it may be a sign that your teeth are not properly aligned. If your food is swallowed in large chunks, the stomach and intestine must work twice as hard to break it down. This can cause a myriad of issues, such as stomach cramps and aches, heartburn, lower nutritional intake, and an unhealthy gut. 

On the other hand, small digested pieces decrease the strain on your body and allow you to intake more nutrition from your meals. Having straight teeth is yet another way to help your body function properly and avoid further complications later in life.

Add New Foods to Your Pantry

With straightened teeth and the correct bite, we hope you are encouraged to try brand-new foods you may have avoided before due to uncomfortable chewing. Aligned teeth can deal with the normal pressures of chewing and provide the confidence to explore a more varied diet. You may even find a new favorite food you never thought of trying before!

3. Eliminate TMJ and TMD Issues

Your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, connects your jaw and skull. Crooked teeth can cause unnecessary pressure on this jaw joint, leading to teeth grinding, jaw pain, and dislocation. Fortunately, temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is a treatable disorder that can be helped by treatment at Hemphill Orthodontics, one of which is braces.

Straight teeth ensure your teeth and jaw are properly aligned, helping avoid these uncomfortable side effects. Investing in orthodontic treatment can prolong the life of your permanent teeth and save money on potentially complicated dental procedures down the road.

5 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

4. Enjoy a Boost in Confidence

You can see the confidence in those with perfectly aligned teeth. Nothing feels better than putting time and effort into treatment and seeing the payoff of over a year’s hard work. Your smile affects many aspects of your life, and feeling good about it can drastically improve your well-being and desire to put yourself out in the world.

Not being afraid to grin can even increase success and trust in your professional and personal relationships. Our team loves being able to experience the confidence boost our patients feel firsthand after treatment is completed!

5. Straightforward Oral Care

Perfectly aligned teeth support your daily oral hygiene routines. By being able to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth twice daily, you work towards your long-term dental health each day by keeping them protected from plaque, tooth decay, bacteria, and staining. Upon starting teeth straightening treatment, Dr. Hemphill will help you eliminate difficult-to-reach areas of your mouth that may mask complications.

By practicing proper teeth cleaning procedures, you can preserve the strength and functionality of your original teeth and impact their lasting health. Brushing your teeth twice a day truly works wonders. If you are unsure of the most effective way to brush and floss, don’t hesitate to ask our team or Dr. Hemphill at your next appointment so we can help set you up for success!

Avoiding Chips or Cracks

If your teeth are crooked, you likely place uneven pressure across your mouth, putting them at risk of chips and cracks from simple actions such as chewing. By aligning your teeth, you won’t have to worry about biting down on something too hard or straining them, as they will be better equipped to handle everyday wear and tear. 

Available Treatment Options to Align Your Teeth

At Hemphill Orthodontics, we are proud to provide our patients with options when it comes to straightening out their teeth so our team can work to find out which works best with your oral needs and aesthetic desires.

Clear Aligners

A relatively new approach to straightening teeth, Invisalign and other clear aligner companies use state-of-the-art technology to comfortably achieve the results of a straight smile without anyone guessing! Available for adults and teens alike, this aesthetic option is great for patients looking for the flexibility of a removable appliance and a discreet appearance.

Metal Braces

Modern metal braces have advanced and continue to be a long-trusted option among our patients. They can reliably fix the most complicated orthodontic issues and help you promptly reach your smile goals. Made of brackets, wires, and elastics, this appliance places constant pressure on your teeth to shift them in the right direction until they reach ideal alignment.

Clear Braces

A great aesthetic option for those looking to work on their smile without a flashy appearance, clear braces are made of tooth-colored ceramic and are nearly invisible. They shift teeth similarly to metal braces and provide stunning results in potentially less time than other clear options.

5 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Work Toward a New Smile!

Now that you understand more of the health benefits of straight teeth, we encourage you to pursue teeth realignment treatment! Hemphill Orthodontics is happy to welcome new patients and help guide them through this big step in dental health. We provide orthodontic services to Celina and the surrounding communities in Texas. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Hemphill today and learn what treatment options work best for you!